Our Lookback at our 'World in One School' Festival

Our Lookback at our 'World in One School' Festival

The World in One Festival has been held at Childwall for several years, and this year, staff at CSSA were determined to run a brilliant week for students to give them a joyful learning experience after all of the COVID restrictions in 2020. Here, Assistant Head Teacher for personal development and art teacher, Mr. Ward reflects on his highlights of the celebration:

Q. What do you think the students have gained from the World in One Festival?

Mr. Ward: The students have had a fantastic, positive, and enjoyable experience working alongside cultural organisations giving them the best cultural capital experience despite the limitations of the pandemic. Students received opportunities such as radio and film production, working on large scale sculpture, Brazilian dance, and Samba drumming. This is part of Childwall SSA co-curriculum offer to make sure our students receive the best opportunities with our aspirational curriculum.

Q. What was your highlight of the week?

Mr. Ward: The highlight of the week for me was the video production company that worked with our students and the Childwall Community Radio that was broadcast all week. Being interviewed on the radio and being filmed by a group of year 9 students at the same time displayed the opportunities our students were getting during the week. The students were delighted, and the school was filled with laughter and joy all week after a really difficult year for everyone.
The Power of the arts cannot be underestimating in bringing communities such as Childwall together and promoting well-being of both staff and students. It was definitely the best week we have had for a long time and despite the barriers COVID brought we were determined to give our students the best cultural capital experience that we can in order to raise aspirations and show them what possibilities lie ahead for them in the future.

Thank you to all of the organisations who were involved in creating this year’s World in One Festival; Katumba, Capoeira, Brian D Hanlon, Liverpool Lantern Company, Faith Bebbington, Royal Court Theatre, Wirral Samba Band and Handstand Film Company.

Extra special thanks to former Childwall SSA student, Ethan Woodroofe for producing this video.

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