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Our ‘World in One School' festival is a week where students follow an alternative timetable and work with performers, musicians, artists, actors, poets, and designers to produce work linked to an annual theme. Students learn about professionals, their backgrounds, what inspires them, and their journeys. The programme brings cultural capital to learning whilst helping students discover new interests, raising aspirations and fostering a ‘can do’ attitude.

We ran over 80 visits and activities during our Belonging themed week in July 2023 through close partnerships with local organisations and businesspeople, many with a global reputation. These include National Museums Liverpool, Katumba, Capoeira, Brian D Hanlon, Loudspeaker, Liverpool Lantern Company, Faith Bebbington, Ean Flanders, Levi Tafari, Royal Court Theatre, Shakespeare North, Wirral Samba Band, the RAF, and Handstand Film Company. The high-profile experts helped our children to feel connected to their community and showcased future career opportunities. The partnerships give students access to difference and the excellent cultural capital and learning opportunities we have available.

“World in One School week is excellent. We have had the opportunity to do lots of diverse types of work with artists that do this for a living. We have studied things we may not do in normal lessons, about culture, about teamwork and understanding each other. The week was all about belonging. We all belong at Childwall!” Year 9 student

Headteacher Ms. Vincent said: "World in One School offered students a fantastic, positive, and enjoyable experience working alongside cultural organisations to develop cultural awareness and new skills. Students embraced new opportunities that enriched their learning and development. They have created, written, performed, researched, explored, and experimented with new materials, skills and knowledge. Students have learnt about radio and film production, sculptures of different scales, poems, photographs, Brazilian dance, drumming, assault courses, problem solving, public speaking."

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