Lydiate Learning Trust and Childwall
Sports & Science Academy Policies

Please note Childwall Sports And Science Academy complies with all Lydiate Learning Trust central policies

Listed below are the local policies for Childwall Sports & Science Academy. (LLT) denotes the Lydiate Learning Trust central policies.

Please click on the relevant policy to download.

Statutory Policies

L​LT Behaviour Policy

CSSA Curriculum Policy

CSSA Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

CSSA Provider Access Policy


Non-Statutory Policies

Childwall Sports & Science Academy Policies

CSSA Accessibility Policy

CSSA Anti-Bullying Policy

CSSA Appeals - Internal Assessments

CSSA Attendance Policy

CSSA Charging Policy

C​SSA Complaints Policy

CSSA E-Safety Policy

CSSA Examination Policy

CSSA Looked-after Children Policy

CSSA Mobile Phone Policy

C​SSA More-able Policy

CSSA Recruitment Privacy Notice

CSSA Relationships and Sex Education Policy

CSSA Workforce Privacy Notice

Lydiate Learning Trust Policies


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