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This is where you can find information about all of the support that exists to help students in Childwall Sixth Form; you can also find key policies on attendance, behaviour, dress code and bursary here. If you do need to talk to someone, it can be about anything - big or small, remember we have an open door policy in Post 16 - come and see us! The organisations below provide specialist information for young adults and a good place to look for information and for further support (but remember you can come and see us!)

The Post 16 Team are passionate about supporting you, especially if you are affected by any general welfare and mental health concerns - whatever they may be.
Please talk to your form tutor, Mr Tyrer or Mrs Payne. We have experience supporting Post 16 students with a wide range of problems, and can help refer you to the right place for further support.
We understand the pressures for Post 16 students and often a problem shared is a problem halved; please don't suffer in silence.

General Welfare and Mental Health:

  • - A mental health charity which offers information and advice.
  • - A charity which runs clubs and organisations up and down the country designed to help young adults empower themselves.
  • - A charity which offers advice to young people of all ages on physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
  • - Childline is available to help anyone under the age of 19.
  • - YoungMinds provides mental health resources for young people.
  • - CAMHS is the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. They are part of the NHS and provide mental health services for young people.
  • - The Young Persons Advisory Service provides mental health and emotional wellbeing services for Liverpool's Children, Young People and Families.

Exam Pressures:

Young Carers:

Financial Advice:

Body Image:


Staying Safe

If you are suffering any form of bullying or abuse, you should always talk to a friend, teacher or member of the Post-16 Team. Keeping yourself safe includes when you are online so make sure you read the advice below:

National Online Safety


CSSA E-safety Policy

The law about online abuse

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