Staff List

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)




Miss J Cassidy: Assistant Headteacher

Miss J Wilde: Assistant Headteacher (on secondment at Deyes High School)

Mrs N Kaye: Assistant Headteacher,

Mr D Rietdyk: Assistant Headteacher,

Mr C Tyrer: Head of Sixth Form,

M​rs K Holme: Assistant Headteacher (temporary to cover secondment)

Teaching Staff by Faculty


Mr S Patterson, Director of English (Faculty Leader)

Mr S Martin, Assistant Faculty Leader for English

Mrs K Shaw, English Teacher 

Dr S Evans, English Teacher

Miss K Grue, English Teacher

Mrs J Patterson, English Teacher 

Miss S Munroe, English Teacher

Miss A Webb, English Teacher 

Miss S Helps, English Teacher

Mr L Morton, English Teacher



Ms E Browne, Director of Mathematics (Faculty Leader)

Miss K Elder, Assistant Faculty Leader for Mathematics

Mr K Crookall, Assistant Faculty Leader KS5

Mr S Burns, Mathematics Teacher 

Miss K McMullen, Mathematics Teacher 

Miss L Jordan, Mathematics Teacher

Mr M Brady, Mathematics Teacher

Miss C Tomlinson, Mathematics Teacher / Cover Manager



Ms V Judge: Director of Science (on maternity - Mrs K Holme interim Faculty Leader for Science)

Mr S Hurd: Assistant Faculty Leader for Science

Ms R Moreau: Assistant Faculty Leader for Science

Ms K Hilton: Science Teacher  

Miss L Kelly: Science Teacher

Miss S Radcliffe: Science Teacher

Ms L Flynn: Science Teacher

Mrs J Lynam: Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)


Mrs K Holme: History Teacher, SCITT History Expert practitioner, Assistant Headteacher (temporary FL Science)

Mrs D-M Breen: Head of Humanities (temporary) / SCITT Professional mentor

Mrs H Dixon: Subject Leader Health & Social Care

Miss A Sheils: Geography Teacher

M​rs N Kaye: Geography Teacher / Assistant Headteacher

Miss M Carroll: History Teacher

Mr O Pollard: History Teacher

Mrs C Bate: Health & Social Care Teacher (on maternity - covered by Miss Mellotte.)



Ms E Seiffert: Subject Leader IT and Computer Science

Ms J Maddock: Subject Leader Business KS4/5 and WRLEE

Mrs V Mather: Assistant Leader ICT Computer Science

Mrs S Darr: Teacher of Business and IT



Mr N Pendleton: Faculty Leader Technology

Mr M Langley: Technology Teacher / Head of KS4

Mr M Rushton, Food Technology Teacher

Ms C Fahey, Technology Teacher

Mr K Geaney, DT Technician



Miss G Abbott, Head of Art

Mr C Tyrer, Art Teacher / Head of Sixth Form

Mrs L Dalton, Assistant Faculty Leader

Mrs R Harriman, Drama Teacher

Miss M Gore, Music Teacher

Mr M Bloomer, Music Teacher

Miss L Hafford, Subject Leader for Spanish/MFL/EAL

Miss G Gray, Spanish Teacher

Miss K González, Spanish Teacher



Mr S Bird, Faculty Leader

Mr J Porter, Assistant Faculty Leader for PE

Miss J Cassidy, PE Teacher / Assistant Headteacher

Mr D Rietdyk, PE Teacher / Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Backhouse, PE Teacher / Head of KS3

Mr S Cheetham, PE Teacher / D of E Coordinator

Miss E Atkinson, PE Teacher

Miss J Swindells, PE Teacher

Support Staff

Business, Admin & Finance Office

Mrs H Carroll - Office Manager / PA to Headteacher & SLT / Recruitment Officer


Mrs J Thompson - LLT HR Officer


Mr D Johnson - LLT Finance Officer

Miss K Austin - Receptionist

Mrs P Donohue - Receptionist and Administrator


Student Services Team

M​rs J Griffiths - Family Support Worker

Mrs G State-Cannon - KS3/4 Student Services Officer


Mrs C Payne - KS5 Student Services Officer / CIAG Administrator


Miss K Magee - Attendance Manager / Safeguarding Lead


Mrs D Murphy - Attendance Officer


Cover Office

Miss C Tomlinson - Cover Manager

Mrs C Bate - Cover Supervisor

Miss E Escalante - Cover Supervisor

Pastoral Management Team

Mr S Thompson - Inclusion and Behaviour Support (BESU)

Mr J McCarthy - Social Inclusion Facilitator

Mr J Backhouse - Key Stage 3 Pastoral Leader / Transition Manager

Mr M Langley - Key Stage 4 Pastoral Leader

Miss A Webb - Head of Year 7

Mrs G Durant - Head of Year 9

Ms L Harrison - Head of Year 10

Miss C Tomlinson - Head of Year 11

Technical Support Team

Mr G Cox - Senior Science Technician

Mr K Geaney - Technology Technician

Mrs L Howard - Learning Support Assistant Catering

SEND Support Team

Ms E Wylie - SEND Coordinator

Miss K McShane - SEND Support Assistant

Miss D Lamb - SEND HLTA

Ms M Ryan - SEND LSA

Mr J Dillon - SEND LSA

Mr P Brislen - SEND LSA

Ms S St. James - SEND LSA

Ms S Hall - Lexonik

Mr G Roper - Lexonik


Data, Exams & ICT Support Team

Mrs N Blanchard - SIMS, Data & Exams Manager

Mrs E Akins - Exams Officer

Mr J Hayes - Senior IT Technician

Mr M Grundy - IT Support Technician


Premises Team

Caretakers: Mr P McLoughlin, Mr A Goulding, Mr T Carroll, Mr G Cox



Mrs L Jones - Catering Supervisor


Miss M Hoare - Cleaning Supervisor


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