Staff List

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)





Miss J Cassidy: Assistant Headteacher

Mr D Rietdyk: Assistant Headteacher

Mrs K Holme: Assistant Headteacher

Mr C Tyrer: Head of Sixth Form

M​r S Patterson: Associate Assistant Headteacher (English)

M​s E Browne: Associate Assistant Headteacher (Maths)

M​r S Corrigan: Associate Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral & Transition)

M​iss H Lloyd: PA to the Headteacher and the SLT

Teaching Staff by Faculty


Mr S Patterson: Director of English (Faculty Leader)

Miss A Webb: Assistant Faculty Leader for English

Mrs K Shaw: English Teacher 

Dr S Evans; English Teacher

Miss K Grue: English Teacher

Mrs J Patterson: English Teacher 

Miss S Munroe: English Teacher

Miss S Bridge: English Teacher 

Miss S Helps: English Teacher

Mr W Johnston: English Teacher



Ms E Browne: Director of Mathematics (Faculty Leader)

Miss K Elder; Assistant Faculty Leader for Mathematics

Mr K Crookall: Assistant Faculty Leader KS5

Miss K McMullen; Mathematics Teacher 

Miss L Jordan: Mathematics Teacher

Miss C Tomlinson: Mathematics Teacher / Cover Manager

Mr M Brady; Mathematics Teacher

Mr R Moore: Mathematics Teacher 

M​r P Adegoke: Mathematics Teacher



Ms V Judge: Director of Science

Mr S Hurd: Assistant Faculty Leader for Science

Ms R Moreau: Assistant Faculty Leader for Science

Miss L Kelly: Science Teacher

Mrs I Saleh: Science Teacher

Mr J Beaton: Science Teacher

Mr J Brennan: Science Teacher

M​iss J Caveney: Science Teacher

M​s E Wylie: Science Teacher/SENDCo

Mrs J Lynam: Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)


Mrs K Holme: Assistant Headteacher and Head of History and History Expert practitioner

M​rs N Kaye: Deputy Headteacher / Geography & Sociology Teacher

M​r R Tierney - Head of Geography

Miss A Sheils: Geography Teacher

Miss M Carroll: History Teacher

Mr O Pollard: History Teacher

M​r P Riley: History/Geography Teacher

Mrs H Dixon: Subject Leader Health & Social Care

Mrs C Bate: Health & Social Care Teacher



Ms E Seiffert: Subject Leader IT and Computer Science

Ms J Maddock: Subject Leader Business KS4/5 and WRLEE

Mrs V Mather: Assistant Leader ICT Computer Science

M​s S Darr: ICT Computer Science Teacher



Mr N Pendleton: Faculty Leader Technology

Mr M Langley: Design Technology Teacher / Head of KS4

M​iss E Shudall: Design Technology Teacher

Mr M Rushton: Food Technology Teacher

Ms J Sutton: Food Technology Teacher

Mr K Geaney: DT Technician

Mr​s L Howard: Food Technology classroom assistant



Miss G Abbott: Head of Art

Mr C Tyrer: Art Teacher / Head of Sixth Form

M​iss L Flavell: Art Teacher

Mrs L Dalton: Assistant Faculty Leader

Mrs R Harriman: Drama Teacher

Miss M Gore: Music Teacher

M​iss O Mellotte: Music Teacher


Miss L Hafford: Subject Leader for Spanish/MFL/EAL

Miss K González: Spanish Teacher

M​s A Jamieson: Spanish Teacher

M​s J McKechnie: Spanish Teacher

M​s S Ruscoe: EAL Support Assistant



Mr J Porter: PE Faculty Leader

Miss J Cassidy: Assistant Headteacher / Safeguarding Lead / PE Teacher

Mr D Rietdyk: Assistant Headteacher / PE Teacher

Mr S Cheetham: PE Teacher / D of E Coordinator

Miss E Atkinson: PE Teacher

Mr J Geddes: PE Teacher

Student Services Team

M​rs J Griffiths: Family Support Worker

Mrs G State-Cannon: KS3/4 Student Services Officer

Mrs C Payne: KS5 Student Services Officer / CIAG Administrator


Cover Office

Miss C Tomlinson: Cover Manager

Miss E Escalante: Cover Supervisor

Pastoral Management Team

Mr S Thompson: Inclusion and Behaviour Support (Reflection)

Mr J McCarthy: Social Inclusion Facilitator

Mr S Corrigan: Key Stage 3 Pastoral Leader & Transition Manager

Mr M Langley: Key Stage 4 Pastoral Leader & Head of Year 11

Ms L Jordan: Head of Year 7

Ms C Rogers: Head of Year 8

Ms L Harrison: Head of Year 9

M​iss O Mellotte: Head of Year 10

Subjects Support Team

Mr G Cox: Senior Science Technician

M​iss R Bellamy: Science Technician

Mr L Beadman: Technology Technician

Mrs L Howard: Food Technology classroom assistant

SEND Support Team

Ms E Wylie: SEND Coordinator

Ms S St. James: Inclusion Practitioner

Ms P Mohin: Inclusion Practitioner

M​iss D Scarffe: Inclusion Practitioner

M​rs A Santhosh: Inclusion Practitioner

Mr P Brislen: SEND LSA

M​s C Delaney: SEND LSA

M​rs A Hill: SEND LSA


Ms S Hall: Lexonik Advance

Mr G Roper: Lexonik Leap

Data, Exams & ICT Support Team

Ms A Molyneux - SIMS, Data & Exams Manager

Mr J Hayes - Senior IT Technician

Mr M Grundy - IT Support Technician


Premises Team

Caretakers: Mr P McLoughlin, Mr A Goulding, Mr T Carroll, Mr G Cox


Mrs L Jones: Catering Supervisor

Miss M Hoare: Cleaning Supervisor


General Support

Main office:
H​R Team:
F​inance Team:

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