Childwall Goes Plastic Free

Childwall Canteens Go Plastic Free

Childwall Sports and Science Academy Canteens have gone plastic free thanks to a new project involving students, catering staff, school leadership and the estates department.
Last September, Childwall Academy Headteacher Ms. Vincent met the Student Council to discuss sustainability and ways to reduce the school’s environmental footprint.


The students were passionate about reducing plastic use across the school. Key opportunities included the purchase of single use drinks bottles and use of plastic cutlery and plates in the school canteen.

The canteen team has stopped using all single use plastic and now use metal cutlery and crockery to serve food. This initiative has significantly reduced plastic waste.

Childwall Academy has introduced a JuCi hydration station in the canteen in and given each student a branded reusable metal bottle. Instead of purchasing hundreds of plastic bottled drinks each day, the school’s 980 students can now buy sustainable daily refills. In a full school year, this initiative will reduce plastic waste by 3.2 tonnes and reduce delivery emissions by 83%. The JuCi Hydration stations use 30% less energy than single door chillers.

Ms. Vincent, Headteacher, said: “Our Student Council is hugely passionate about climate change and making a difference now and in the future. Working together, we have managed to eradicate plastic waste in the canteen which is a huge achievement.”

Student Council member Ania said: “Sustainability is important to our generation as we want to look after the planet and resolve plastic pollution. Our new eco-friendly bottles are good for the planet.”

Fellow student Melissa added: “I am proud to be involved in this initiative. We are saving the earth one bottle at a time.”

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