Year 7 student receives Junior Ambassador award

Year 7 student receives Junior Ambassador award

James, Year 7 has earned a prestigious Junior Ambassador award through the Inclusive Hub CIC.

The Inclusive hub is a CIC, (Community Interest Company,) which specialises in helping children and adults of all ages and abilities and additional needs, gain confidence, and fitness through non-contact boxing. The focus of the hub is to provide a safe and friendly environment to promote inclusivity and diversity.

James said: “I started with the Inclusive hub in August last year because I’ve always liked Boxing training. The coaches make sure we work hard but also that we enjoy it and have fun. It has made me more confident, more positive, fitter and stronger. I don’t see disabilities there, only everyone’s different abilities and to see what people can do not what they can’t do. I also have helped during the lockdown delivering food parcels to families in need within the local community.”

Head Teacher Ms. Vincent presented James with his certificate which was sent to the school, and commented; “We’re all very proud of him.”

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