Culture Day 2022

Culture Day 2022

To celebrate our diverse multi-cultural backgrounds, staff and students took part in our Culture Day on Friday 6th May

The idea for the day was born from a discussion some Year 8 girls had with the Headteacher about Ramadan traditions. They were keen to learn about other traditions, as well as sharing their own.

Students were invited to:

  • dress in traditional clothing or international football tops/kits
  • bring snack items that reflect their heritage
  • have face-painting or henna tattoos
  • discuss and learn all about each other's traditions

Parents & Carers were invited to join us from 3-4pm bringing hot or cold traditional dishes for others to try.

The students thoroughly enjoyed learning about each others heritage and cultures and it was very useful for the students' Personal Development.

We will now look at making this an annual event, taking the lead from our students on how they want the day to run.

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