Childwall Academy holds successful Opportunities Fair


Leaders at Childwall Sports and Science Academy recognise the importance of careers guidance and of students being involved in enriching activities outside of school hours.

In March, the school held its first Opportunities Fair. Mrs. Koemer, Careers Manager, explained: “We work with many inspiring professionals who share their career stories, and they encourage our students to get involved with activities outside of school to aid personal and social development. Following Covid lockdowns, we noticed that many students had not resumed activities outside school, so we decided to bring students and youth opportunity providers together in our first Opportunities Fair.”

More than twenty organisations attended the event including youth clubs, performing arts organisations, sports providers, Cadets, and local charities working with and for young people.

Over 170 students from all years plus their parents, carers and families met with providers to find out more and sign up to events and. Visiting organisations were thrilled by student interest and engagement.

Team Oasis said: “We like the idea of bringing us together with the students. We hope we have taken the fear out of making the first step to attend our youth opportunities.”

One student said: “This event has been great. I never realised that there is so much stuff out there.”

A parent added: “Childwall offers so many additional opportunities to my child. I made the right decisions choosing this school for my son.”

Ms. Vincent, Headteacher of Childwall Sports and Science Academy said: “I am delighted our Opportunities Fair was such a huge success. Thank you to our careers team, staff and students who supported the event. I am especially grateful to all the community organisations who supported us and brought their offer to our students; such enrichment builds character. We now intend for this to become an annual event to complement our careers programme and activities which help students strive for excellence.”

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