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O​n Wednesday 2nd November, 14 of our Year 7 students visited the University of Manchester for the launch of the Scholars Programme, an academic programme run by The Brilliant Club.

T​he Brilliant Club is an organisation that supports outstanding students in non-selective state schools to progress to the UK's most competitive universities.

What does The Scholars Programme offer?

  • Challenging courses on subjects beyond the curriculum, taught by a world class PhD researcher
  • Experience of university-style learning in small group tutorials
  • Two visits to the most competitive universities
  • Develop key university-preparedness skills including critical thinking, subject knowledge, written communication, and university self-efficacy
  • Scholars Programme graduates are almost twice as likely to progress to highly-selective universities (UCAS evaluation, 2019)
  • Robust impact reports showcasing progress towards national education targets
  • Cited as an effective use of Pupil Premium by Ofsted

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