Year 11 - Assessment information

Assessments for Y11 are ongoing in all subjects as we gather evidence for the Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs). Below is the timetable for subjects requiring final formal examinations, commencing the weeks beginning 10th and 17th May 2021.
  • These will be High control assessments with all access arrangements catered for and please be assured we are testing knowledge your son/daughter has been taught/learned to ensure no students are disadvantaged.
  • Please ensure your son/daughter is in attendance every day and on time, not just during these exam weeks.
  • Students will continue with their normal timetable around these exams and will continue to attend school until we have all evidence required.
  • As yet we have no date for Y11 students to leave but it will definitely not be beyond 30th June 2021 (Based on Government guidelines).
  • Here is a useful guide for students and parents:

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