Childwall Sports and Science Academy

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Student Profiles

Below are profiles of students who left us during the summer to see where they are now:

Darcie Chazen-Stead

   Subjects studied:

A Level Art, A Level Drama and Theatre Studies and A Level English Language.

Darcie is a talented artist, she achieved an outstanding A* in her Art and Design A Level. Darie is currently studying an Art Foundation Degree at Carmel College.

"Throughout my seven years at childwall, I've experienced two head teachers, a change of uniform and thousands of faces. With aspirations to become a freelance artist, the creative arts faculty at childwall have facilitated every idea, no matter how elaborate! I am now taking an art foundation diploma at Carmel college, having achieved highly at childwall."

Ralph Bussey

 Subjects studied:

Ralph is an outstanding student. He achieved an A in Physics, a B in Maths and a C in Chemistry. Ralph will now study a Masters in Physics at Liverpool University. "I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the sixth form and I appreciated how much help and support the staff gave me. Staff at the school go the extra mile to help students achieve the grades that they aim for."