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Visit of Alan Gibbons Inspires Students to Write

Local, award winning, author Alan Gibbons carried out workshops in our school on Tuesday the 15th May with groups of Year 7, 8 and 9 students. He is the author of books including: The Trap, An Act of Love, Shadow of Minataur and Total Football.

The students were enthralled listening to him as he encouraged them to write. His use of language was infectious and his passion for story writing really inspired the students as they listened to how anyone could become a successful author as he did. Following the talks, he went on to work with each group on a piece of creative writing based on the theme of ghost stories.

Head of Year Mr Backhouse said: “The students were completely engaged and each gained a lot from the session and some of the stories they have written are superb. I hope they left inspired to read more and to put pen to paper and get creative.”

The Year 7 students left with their own copy of Alan’s book “Street Corner Dad” to enjoy reading at home. We look forward to their book reviews of this heart-warming tale that's set in Liverpool.

Mrs Rive

 Alan Gibbon's book