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Home Learning Projects

Weekly Reading Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day)

  • Your child should continue to read books available at home
  • After this, ask your child to write a short review detailing their likes and dislikes about the book so far. Encourage them to justify their opinion with examples from the text.
  • Encourage your child to record any words that have captured their interest from the chapter that they have read. They can write antonyms for these words.
  • Challenge your child to read to another member of the family. This doesn’t have to be a book so they can be as imaginative as they wish.

Weekly Spelling Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day)

  • Your child can create a vocabulary bank about the area they live in.
  • They may want to use this for some of their writing tasks this week.
  • Get your child to proofread their writing from the day. They can use a dictionary to check the spelling of any words that they found challenging.
  • This will also enable them to check that the meaning of the word is suitable for the sentence.

Weekly Writing Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day)

  • Ask your child to write a diary entry/newspaper report summarising the events from the day. This time, this must be the events for another family member. Your child must choose one local location and create a persuasive leaflet about this place. Places they could write about are: Liverpool One, Sefton Park, Albert Dock, or another place that interests them.
  • Encourage your child to think of a local significant individual from the city or they can choose from the selection below. They can then write a set of questions to interview that person. Challenge your child by asking them to answer the questions in role as that person. People they could choose from are: Bessie Braddock, William Roscoe, Hannah Lightbody, Noel Chavasse, William Gladstone, Sir Henry Tate, Kate Sheppard or choose their own (the list is endless).
  • HS2 (The high speed railway line) should continue to be built. Do you agree/disagree? Your child can write an argument about this statement.
  • Story Task: Your child can now invent a new character for their very own story. They must think about the setting they created last week and how their character would fit in to this. They must also consider the audience they want their story to appeal to.

Learning Projects -to be done throughout the coming weeks

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about the area in which they live. Learning may focus on your local area, famous people, key landmarks and links to your city.

An Architectural Masterpiece

Give your child the task of designing a new building/structure to inspire the residents of their local town or city. They must research, plan, design and then make a model of it using materials from around the house. Ask them to create a criteria for success and then evaluate their model against this.

Promoting Your Local Area

Tell your child that a visitor from another country is coming to stay in the city for a week. They really need to impress them by showing them the most interesting places in their local area. Where would they take them each day? Plan the itinerary for each day detailing the transport that will be taken to each location, how long will be spent there, what will be eaten and any activities that may take place.

Where in the World?

Show your child how to use Google Earth or Google Maps to look at the geographical features of Liverpool, London and Perth (Australia). How are these places the same? How are these places different? What impacts the similarities and differences? After, they can then choose three different places and do the same thing. Do they notice any patterns?

Places of Worship

Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Princes Road Synagogue, Liverpool Cathedral, Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, All Saints Church, Al Rahma Masjid, Kadampa Meditation Centre (Liverpool) are all places of worship in Liverpool.      
Can your child order them on a timeline based on the year they were built? Why do they think some of these places were built more recently, whilst others were built many years ago? Do they think the society they live in has had an impact on this?

Royal Albert Dock

A timeline-the docks in Liverpool had and still have a significant impact on the city. Your child can create a timeline detailing the history of the Royal Albert Dock.           
Remind them to include dates and details of significant events. How do the docks impact the local area positively now?

Graffiti Art

Liverpool is a city overflowing with art and culture and street art is becoming a huge part of our city’s landscape, but graffiti hasn’t always been seen in a positive light.  
How have attitudes towards graffiti changed over time? Is all graffiti good? Discuss these questions with your child and then ask them to design their own graffiti art (on paper, rather than your walls!)